Citizenship and Naturalization

Chandak Law Firm, PLLC assists individuals to obtain United States citizenship.

United States citizenship is a right that many immigrants cherish. While the process of naturalization can be relatively free of problems for some, applying for citizenship can have adverse consequences. It is useful to speak with an attorney before applying for United States citizenship.

Potential Issues

For some individuals, applying for citizenship may raise problems. An applicant’s criminal history may make that person ineligible for citizenship. Applying for citizenship under may even subject an applicant to deportation. The advice of a lawyer may prevent such difficulties and help the process of obtaining citizenship go smoothly.


Often applications for citizenship are unfairly denied. It may be necessary to obtain the advice of an attorney to reverse the decision an adverse decision. Sometimes it is necessary to file suit before the federal courts to overturn the wrongful denial of an individual’s claim to United States citizenship.

Citizenship Delays

All too often, applications pend for months and sometimes years. The unnecessary delay of a citizenship application is tantamount to a denial. If your application for citizenship has been pending over 120 days since your citizenship interview, you should contact an attorney immediately. The filing of a suit in federal court often brings immediate relief for those individuals who are waiting to become United States citizens.

If you have any questions regarding the process of citizenship and naturalization, contact Chandak Law Firm, PLLC for a consultation.

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